admission criteria

In accordance with Article 3 (Paragraph 2) of the Association’s Articles of Association:

Membership in the Association is open to natural or legal persons who:

(a) Have as their main occupation in Cyprus the business of land and building development for their own benefit and for the purpose of disposal to third parties,


(b) On the date of submission of the application of:

i. have constructed, completed and made available to third parties, for their own benefit, a building of at least four storyes (excluding the ground floor) or at least sixteen separated apartments but not organized apartments (service flats), and/or self-contained offices (excluding ground floors) and have at least one other block of flats of a similar size under construction,


ii. have constructed, completed and made available a complete residential complex consisting of at least ten independent residential units (not organized for tourism), have another similar residential complex under construction, i.e. have obtained a building permit from the relevant authority and have completed the excavation of foundations for at least one quarter of the houses under construction.


iii. have made a division of land for residential or other building purposes, have constructed the necessary roads and have divided land either continuously or with a total area of not less than thirty scales and have similar or similar works of at least the same area under construction for which they have obtained a division permit from the competent authority and have entered into a binding contract for the construction of the roads, or, if such construction is carried out by themselves, have completed the foundation of at least one third of the total area of the land, and have completed the construction of the roads, or, if such construction is carried out by themselves, have completed the foundation of at least one third of the total area of the land, or have completed the construction of at least one third of the total area of the land. 

A legal entity which has not built, but has works under construction as aforesaid, may become a member if the majority of the paid-up capital of the company is owned by an existing member of the Company or by persons or companies which hold the majority of the paid-up capital of another company which is a member of this Company.


(c) They employ permanently in connection with their projects a civil engineer or architect or a person qualified in property management (appraisal branch), registered with the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK).


(d) Employ an experienced real estate salesperson on a permanent basis.

It is understood that the qualifications in paragraphs (c) and (d) above may be aggregated in the same person who may be the member or, in the case of a legal person, a director of a member.


(e) Have an office properly staffed with qualified personnel and equipped to be used primarily for the performance of the Entrepreneur’s work.


(f) Have a proven record of having appointed a qualified auditor.

In addition to the above, the following are required:

1. Continuous presence in the industry for not less than 3 years prior to applying for membership of the Association. For companies that do not meet this criterion, a “Probationary Member” will be introduced where they will be monitored until 3 years have passed.

2. Letters of recommendation from banking institutions with which the company cooperates

3. Provision of evidence that the company’s Social Insurance has been paid.

4. Provision of a certificate from an approved auditing firm that the company (a) maintains proper accounting records, (b) that the financial statements prepared provide the information required by the Companies Act, Cap. 113 information and (c) the latest date of preparation of financial statements.

5. In case the land development company is also a construction company, its licence from the Council for Registration and Control of Contractors must be presented.

6. It shall be the obligation of the member, prior to the commencement of sales of individual units in single developments, to have at least a Planning Permit.